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What is Catalyst?

Catalyst encompasses the teaching and learning approach of Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn. Informed by the Science of Learning and Science of Reading, Catalyst delivers excellent learning experiences for students through evidence-based teaching practice and high-quality resources.

Pillars of teaching and learning


What we teach


How we teach


How we know

Catalyst Resources

Learn more about the underpinning research of Catalyst through curated resources including readings, videos and podcasts.

Impact of Catalyst: 2020 – 2023

Learn about our approach to Learning and Teaching. In less than three years we have had 56 schools, 1,700 teachers and over 21,000 students engage in the Catalyst journey.


Catalyst Brochure

Summarising the Catalyst program, an evidence-based teaching approach, and how it is implemented at a system level


Catalyst Knowledge Pack 1.0

A suite of resources and readings that will give you a greater understanding of the foundational research and theories that underpin the Catalyst program


Catalyst Knowledge Pack for Teachers

Specifically designed for teachers, Knowledge Pack 2.0 is a collection of research on the core knowledge underpinning Catalyst.


Catalyst in Numbers

Since its launch in 2020, Catalyst has had a wide-reaching impact across all our schools with

Principals engaged in professional learning
Teachers engaged in Online Units and Professional Learning sessions
Teachers engaged in High Impact Teaching Practice, with all schools participating
Teachers trained in evidence-based whole class K-2 Literacy Instruction
Schools using evidence-based literacy intervention across K-12
Schools utilising a common system-wide assessment schedule
Schools implementing Spelling Mastery
Teachers trained in The Writing Revolution

What does Catalyst mean for me?

The latest from Catalyst

Director, Ross Fox, shares the Catalyst journey to National Teaching Summit

Mar 2024

The Catalyst teaching approach was in the spotlight at the second annual Teaching Matters National Science of Learning Summit, in Hobart, which drew over 400 educators from around the country.

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Structured literacy approach ensures competent reading: Grattan Institute

Feb 2024

This landmark the report highlights Catalyst as a system example of successful change and implementation, with evidence-based teaching practice at its core.

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The Catalyst Journey at St Anne’s Catholic College, Temora

Feb 2024

Learn about the positive impact the Catalyst program is having in the classrooms at St Anne's Central School, Temora

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Tags: In the Classroom

St Thomas the Apostle, Kambah – A Catalyst School Journey

Feb 2024

Learn about the positive impact the Catalyst program is having in the classrooms at St Thomas the Apostle - Kambah.

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Tags: In the Classroom

Catalyst’s Impact at Merici College, Braddon

Nov 2023

Learn about the positive impact evidence-based teaching practice is having in the classrooms at Merici College, Braddon ACT.

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Tags: In the Classroom
    • This way of teaching has made our lessons more engaging. We are reminded of past content through daily reviews so I am able to remember and recall information a lot better. By going back to past content and reminding us of these concepts we don’t forget it and I am able to better recall that information.
      Year 9 Student
    • The class is very engaging and I feel comfortable contributing to class discussions because of the environment of the classroom and the teaching style of my teacher.
      Year 12 Student
    • I love teaching in this way allows children to be their best self, which makes you feel good as a teacher and you just want to keep building them up which is then building you up. I learn so much from watching others, to then have others come into my class to observe my lessons and watch me, I am so open share and collaborate and build each other up, that is the best thing about this Catalyst journey
      Monique George Year 3/4 Teacher
      St Thomas the Apostle Kambah
    • The staff at St Mary’s are excited to be taking part in professional learning that aligns with our prior experience and knowledge. The professional learning has been engaging, practical and relevant.
      Sarah LowePrincipal
      St Mary’s Primary School - Crookwell
    • I’ve seen a significant growth in student knowledge and deep understanding of the literacy concepts within my Stage 1 classroom. Student engagement is high due to the fast pace of delivery, visual scaffolds, and multisensory movement to embed concepts being taught.
      Jenny SmithCoordinator and Stage One Teacher
      St Bernard’s Primary School - Batemans Bay
    • Our journey at Sacred Heart has set us on a focused path to improving students’ outcomes for reading and writing. We were also seeking common language across the school around the science of reading - we are now well on our way!
      Janica MorellaLearning Support
      Sacred Heart, Pearce

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