What is Catalyst?

Informed by the Science of Learning and Science of Reading, Catalyst develops excellent Principals, Leadership Teams and Teachers across all Catholic Education Canberra and Goulburn (CECG) schools through evidence-based professional learning programs.

  • Every student is a competent reader
  • High Impact Teaching Practice is visible in every classroom

Providing support for schools with high quality resourcing


What we teach

Curated high quality resources that align with Catalyst and relevant Syllabus and Curriculum guidelines.


How we teach

Embedding evidence-based pedagogy in all classrooms, informed by Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction.


How we know

System-wide assessment protocols to track student achievement and the impact Catalyst makes.

Catalyst enables

  • Every student in every classroom across the Archdiocese to have access to excellent teachers who deliver engaging and impactful lessons.
  • A consistent approach to teaching and learning across our Archdiocese, making the movement between schools in our system for teachers and students seamless.
  • Exceptional learning experiences for students through teaching practice that is backed by scientific evidence on how best children learn.

Focusing on teaching practice and literacy to reach our bold goals

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