Three pillars of teaching and learning supporting teachers in evidence-based practice


Curated high quality resources that align with Catalyst and relevant Syllabus and Curriculum guidelines.


Embedding evidence-based pedagogy in all classrooms, informed by Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction.


System-wide assessment protocols to track student achievement and the impact Catalyst makes.

Why do we need Catalyst?

Catalyst aligns our focus as a system to evidence-based pedagogy, curriculum and assessment. This means teachers will be more supported in the continuous improvement of their teaching practice – utilising the latest data, evidence and expert insights. This includes access to high-quality curriculum resources to integrate into lesson planning, which are continually evolved based on teacher feedback.

Catalyst will enable us to achieve our Bold Goals of


Every student is a competent reader

Supporting every student with high-quality literacy programs to enable them to reach their learning potential.


High Impact Teaching Practice is visible in every classroom

Driving student outcomes through highly impactful lessons combining evidence-based teaching practice and learning materials.

Focusing on teaching practice to reach our Bold Goals

What do parents need to know?

Key messages for parent communication will be provided to you by your school Leader as part of your individual Catalyst rollout. Highlights include –

High-quality education

Enabling us to provide high-quality education opportunities and enhance learning outcomes and develop the whole student

Informed by global research

Our teaching approach is informed by the best available global and national research on how children learn (Science of Learning)

A collaborative approach

All schools in our system are implementing this teaching approach, ensuring every student is afforded an exceptional learning experience

Equity in education

Every school will be working from the same curriculum resources and assessment systems, ensuring all students can be assessed equally to accurately demonstrate achievement

Where can I find out more?

To learn more about the Catalyst journey in your school, reach out to your Principal.
Alternatively, get in touch with a member of the Catalyst team.

Contact us

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