Our schools have a practical and evidence-based approach to teaching and learning, providing the education our students and families deserve. This teaching approach, known as High Impact Teaching Practice, guides the way in which every teacher across the Archdiocese plans, delivers and supports learning for every student. The approach has been developed and designed based on national and global research into how children learn, known as the Science of Learning.

High Impact Teaching Practice involves embedding evidence-based pedagogy in all classrooms, informed by Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction, supported by high-quality curriculum resources.

What will teachers learn?

  • Teaching practice that is highly impactful for student engagement and outcomes
  • How to implement this teaching and learning approach in the classroom

Program Components

Online Units

Online Units are designed to provide teachers with the knowledge and theory required to effectively participate in the professional learning sessions. They provide teachers and Leaders with a shared language and understanding of the Science of Learning, high impact practice and knowledge rich curriculum.

Access these resources via Sharepoint (staff only)

HITP Theory & Practice

Theory & Practice involves learning about the foundational research and knowledge that underpin Catalyst and the HITP program.

Teachers will engage with this learning in an online professional learning session with leading education experts. These sessions are longer format than the online units.

Access these resources via Sharepoint (staff only)

HITP In Action

In Action involves practical professional learning that supports teachers to embed high impact practice in the classroom.

The professional learning and coaching journey will vary depending on the school and Catalyst presenter.

Our Catalyst presenters include nationally acclaimed education experts

  • Dr Lorraine Hammond and Shaping Minds
  • CogLearn
  • TeachWell

Helpful Resources

Impact of Catalyst: 2020 – 2023

Mar 2024

Learn about our approach to Learning and Teaching. In less than three years we have had 56 schools, 1,700 teachers and over 21,000 students engage in the Catalyst journey.

Tags: Posters & Brochures, High Impact Teaching Practice

Catalyst Brochure

May 2023

Summarising the Catalyst program, an evidence-based teaching approach, and how it is implemented at a system level

Tags: Posters & Brochures, High Impact Teaching Practice, Leadership, Literacy

The Science of Learning – Key questions for Educators

Aug 2022

This document identifies six key questions about learning that should be relevant to nearly every educator. All educators should be able to connect these principles to their practical implications for the classroom.

Tags: Reading, High Impact Teaching Practice, Research, Science of Learning

Catalyst Knowledge Pack for Teachers

Nov 2021

Specifically designed for teachers, Knowledge Pack 2.0 is a collection of research on the core knowledge underpinning Catalyst.

Tags: Reading, High Impact Teaching Practice, Leadership, Literacy

Advance Thinking Through Writing with Toni-Ann Vroom

Jan 2021

Learn how evidence-based writing instruction can be embedded across all subjects and years

Tags: Video, Catalyst Events, High Impact Teaching Practice, Literacy


      • What is High Impact Teaching Practice?

        High Impact Teaching Practice is a program that focusses on Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment. Catalyst equips teachers with the foundational theory and practical demonstration to implement evidence-based pedagogy in their classrooms. The program has been designed for teachers from all year levels and subject expertise.

        It is a comprehensive professional learning program, encompassing both the theory of the Science of Learning and coaching for each teacher to enable high impact instructional strategies in the classroom.

        HITP involves three components: online units, HITP Theory & Practice and HITP In Action.

      • What do the online units involve?

        Online units provide background knowledge in the foundational research behind Catalyst. Each online unit is approximately 45 minutes long and they can be completed individually, in groups, or as a whole school. Every participant in the online unit is required to complete a quiz at the end of each unit. Online units are available in your school’s Catalyst Team.

        For guidance on when you should complete the online units, speak with your Principal or Leadership Team.

      • What is HITP Theory & Practice?

        HITP Theory & Practice involves two longer form professional learning sessions (approximately 1.5 hours) that have been designed to be completed in groups or as a whole school. Each learning session explores key research and examples of the practices that make up HITP.

        For guidance on when you should complete the HITP Theory & Practice professional learning, speak with your Principal or Leadership Team.

      • What is HITP In Action?

        HITP In Action is a professional learning course completed over 4-5 days of training with a specialist presenter. The course involves four phases – theory, demonstration, practice and coaching. Participating teachers are required to attend the professional learning sessions and engage in coaching.

        For guidance on when you will attend HITP In Action, speak with your Principal or Leadership Team.

      • Is HITP aligned to Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction?

        Yes, the foundation of HITP is based on Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction.