What is Instructional Leadership?

Instructional leadership describes the process Principals and Leadership Teams go through to implement and embed an effective K-12 literacy program and the High Impact Teaching Practice program. Leaders will also use this approach to develop their teachers’ instructional capacity and curriculum knowledge.

Leaders will be supported to

  • Effectively lead teaching and learning improvements
  • Lead curriculum improvement in schools
  • Use data to design, prioritise and timeline the improvement journey
  • Ensure optimum collaboration to maximise the success of the program

How Leaders are Supported

Professional Learning Sessions

Catalyst offers professional learning sessions, that build on the skills of Principals and their Leadership Teams to ensure the best possible outcomes for their schools.

Topics such as effective mindsets and practices, assessment and intervention, improving curriculum resource usage and the role of an instructional leader will form part of these professional learning sessions.

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Professional Community

All Principals across the system come together twice a year to connect as instructional leaders for Catholic Leaders’ Day, to learn together and to share the unique challenges they face in managing organisational change within a school environment.


All Principals and Leaders will have the opportunity to work with their Performance Improvement Leaders to design their Catalyst journey, refining it along the way.


Helpful Resources

S2|E3: Implementing Direct Instruction with Sally Power and Susan Tighe

May 2024

In this episode Sally Power (instructional leader and 5/6 teacher) and Susan Tighe (principal) discuss about Direct Instruction (DI) at St Joseph’s Primary School, Bombala with reference to InitialLit, Connecting Maths Concepts (CMC) and Spelling Mastery.

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Ross Fox Teaching Matters Presentation

May 2024

Ross Fox presents at the 2024 Teaching Matters, Science of Learning National Summit.

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S2|E2: Direct Instruction with Jessica Colleu Terradas

Mar 2024

In this episode Jessica explains the difference between ‘big’ DI and ‘little’ di. She delves into the research behind Direct Instruction, dispelling the myths about DI.

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Curriculum Resources: CECG and Ochre Partnership

Mar 2024

CECG teachers contributed to the Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus resources now widely available across the Nation.

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Impact of Catalyst: 2020 – 2023

Mar 2024

Learn about our approach to Learning and Teaching. In less than three years we have had 56 schools, 1,700 teachers and over 21,000 students engage in the Catalyst journey.

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