February 2021

On 28 January 2021, we brought everyone across the Archdiocese together virtually to learn together and discuss how Catalyst will help us transform lives through learning.

Catalyst will enable us to provide our students with the best education possible through high quality, consistent learning and teaching across all schools.

Teachers were introduced to the Science of Learning education theory by national and global presenters including well-known advocate Ollie Lovell, Tom Sherrington a high impact instruction presenter from the UK and Toni-Ann Vroom a specialist in writing instruction from the US. Rewatch the keynote presentations, Director Ross Fox’s address and the Archbishop’s address at Catalyst Resources.

We also had Michael Roberts help us understand how practice change can positively impact student outcomes and achievement. This presentation acknowledged that practice change at a whole-school can be challenging, however certainly a worthwhile endeavour – as shown in the significant improvement in assessment results.

Each school participated in the shared sessions together, with time also set aside to plan how Catalyst will be rolled out within their school, and what they hope to accomplish in the year ahead.

To find out more about about your school’s Catalyst journey, speak with your Principal or your Leadership Team.

General questions around Catalyst can be directed to the Catalyst Team by reaching out.


Feedback from participants

“I enjoyed the format of the day, allowing discussion to occur with our own staff making it more relevant to us”

“The presenters provided relevant information that can be transferred into daily teaching”

“It is positive to see a whole diocese approach to learning”

“I’m excited about the initiative. I want to see every child succeed”

“I think [Catalyst] will work. I am also a parent of students in the system and I think it is a fantastic initiative”

“I think that Catalyst is a positive initiative which will assist teachers and students throughout the teaching and learning cycle”

“It’s an exciting beginning that will improve student learning outcomes”

“It is exciting and energising to think of the positive change that we have the chance to implement”


Some highlights from the day

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