May 2022

On Friday, 6 May, office staff were invited to attend the quarterly Mass & Meeting session, during which staff are updated on key projects and undertake professional development sessions. About 70 staff participated in the Catalyst workshop on the day. 

Presented by the Teaching & Learning team, the workshop aimed to address three learning intentions:  

  1. Staff understood what Catalyst is
  2. Staff can see the impact Catalyst is having in schools
  3. Staff understand how Catalyst relates to their role 

The Catalyst workshop drew on several of the High Impact Teaching Practices that teachers are implementing in their classroom. These high impact practices included a ‘Daily Review’ style recap to gauge the level of knowledge in the room, along with phased, deliberate points for ‘Check for Understanding’ and ‘think time / pair share’. 

Many staff were amazed at the impact that Catalyst has had in schools and commitment to this teaching approach across the Canberra and Goulburn Archdiocese. 

Feedback following the workshop was positive, with many staff commenting that they enjoyed the level of interactive elements that made up the workshop including the relation to their role. 

For more information on Catalyst, please get in touch with the team. 

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