August 2022

Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn’s (CECG) teaching approach, which is based on the Science of Learning, has been featured on Education HQ, a national hub for teachers to access the latest news, jobs, resources and professional learning events.

Author, Sarah Duggan, spoke with CECG Director Ross Fox to learn more about Catalyst.

He said, “it was very clear to me, very quickly, that we had excellent teachers who are very dedicated to the task, but weren’t always well supported with clarity about what effective learning and teaching was.”

A “period of reflection” ensued, Fox explains, where the research behind best practice in pedagogy, curriculum and assessment was scoured. A series of ‘intensive’ school visits followed. There were gatherings of school leaders and numerous talks from educational experts.

A new understanding of what high quality teaching entails emerged, he says. Now, explicit instruction and cognitive load theory forms the bedrock of teachers’ approach in the classroom, he adds.

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A preview of the article featuring Catalyst

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