April 2021

Teachers and Leaders across the Archdiocese have now commenced the highly anticipated High Impact Teaching Practice (HITP) In Action program, with the program growing as more staff get involved in the months ahead. Teachers have been working with experts in the field, Dr Lorraine Hammond and Michael and Toni-Hatten Roberts.

Dr Lorraine Hammond has worked closely with groups of early adopter leaders and teachers from four schools – St Bernard’s, St Thomas the Apostle, Holy Spirit and St Michael’s.

“Observing a lesson and then having time to discuss and raise questions promotes learning at a professional level,” a teacher from St Bernard’s Bateman’s Bay said.

Day one of Dr Lorraine Hammond’s HITP In Action program involved observations of Ms Brooke Wardana modelling High Impact Teaching Practice in the classroom. Participants also engaged in a practical professional learning session that involved learning about the Daily Review and how to use this practice in the classroom, along with exploring the expected level of student engagement in high impact lessons.

Teachers and Leader’s alike have found Dr Hammond to be incredibly insightful, empathetic, and knowledgeable, with all excited to continue their Catalyst journey with her by their side.

“It is reassuring to know that Lorraine will be with us for the journey. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in the reading field is much appreciated. It’s great to know that she is with us for the journey, and we have the support of the office,” a Leader from St Thomas the Apostle, Kambah said.

Michael and Toni Hatten-Roberts have begun working closely with groups of early adopter leaders and teachers at St Monica’s, St Clare of Assisi, St Thomas More’s, St John the Apostle and St Thomas Aquinas to deliver HITP In Action.

Day one with Michael and Toni saw participants learn about the big ideas of High Impact Teaching, including the use of daily review, the principles of the Science of Learning and how these translate into classroom learning.

The session provided leaders and teachers valuable strategies and techniques to try in the classroom, with participants eager to try implementing them in their lessons.

“Thank you for a fantastic, informative session. Looking forward to implementing your strategies and reflecting next session,” a teacher from St Clare of Assisi, Conder said.

Michael and Toni Hatten-Roberts will begin working with additional schools during Term 2.

To learn more about High Impact Teaching Practice (HITP) In Action and the journey at your school,  speak with your Principal, PIL or the Teaching and Learning team.

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