March 2023

A recent survey of over 1,100 Secondary school students in the Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn Archdiocese, saw over 700 respondents identify they recognised a change in behaviour in the classroom when teachers use High Impact Teaching Practice (HITP).











The unique report, undertaken by HITP in Action provider TeachWell, asked for student feedback and reflection on how the way their teachers taught them has changed since their teachers have participated in the system wide HITP professional learning as part of Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn’s Catalyst program. The report aimed to gain insights into the impact HITP has had in the classroom.

Catalyst, grounded in Science of Learning, has been translated into classroom practice through HITP, with almost 80% of students reporting there was a distinct change in the way their teacher was engaging them in learning, following their participation in the HITP in Action professional learning.

“Class is very engaging, and I feel comfortable contributing to class discussions because of the environment in the classroom and the teaching style of [my teacher],” a Year 12 student responded.

The report also asked the 90 participating teachers to reflect on their learning and how it helped them to change their teaching practice. All teachers confirmed their commitment to consistently incorporate High Impact Teaching Practice in the classroom, as they observed the positive impact it has on students’ behaviour and learning ability. Further, almost all respondents said they would recommend what they have learnt in HITP In Action to their peers.

“Thank you for strengthening our teaching practices. The reason why we teach is to make an impact on student learning and sharing the successes in the classroom,” a HITP in Action participant said.

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