Majority of teachers and leaders participated in HITP Theory and Practice 2 – Daily Review via MS Teams

February 2022

Whilst the start of the 2022 school year may have been a little different this year, teachers and leaders from across the Archdiocese were still committed to continuing their professional learning through Catalyst with all system staff engaging in some form of Catalyst professional learning.

Education Lead, Patrick Ellis said schools had become incredibly adaptive to the remote learning environment, having experienced online learning with their students, and using it for their own learning.

“Having not only the flexibility to engage in learning from a laptop or a tablet, but also the commitment to continue our Catalyst journey is a credit to each and every one of our teachers across the system,” Patrick said.

Catalyst System Day for 2022 did not proceed as planned, however all learning content has been, or will be made available online for all teachers and leaders to participate in when the time is right for their school.

The Teaching & Learning team will be working closely with Principals and School Leaders to support them effectively plan and implement  their Catalyst professional learning throughout 2022.

To learn more about your school’s Catalyst journey please speak with your Principal.

A significant number of teachers and leaders participated in HITP in Action with Dr Lorraine Hammond via MS Teams

The Spelling Mastery session with Toni Hatten-Roberts saw multiple schools, leaders and teachers engaged



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