S1|E6: Learning about Catalyst featuring Maggie Lloyd

In this episode we speak with Maggie Lloyd, Assistant Principal at St Monica’s Primary School, Evatt ACT. Maggie talks about her inspiration to learn more about the Science of Learning, the Science of Reading and High Impact Teaching Practices. Listed below are some of the literature that Maggie mentions in this episode. This is a great listen for those who’d like to refresh their knowledge of Catalyst or for those who are learning more about the aspects of Catalyst. 


  • Why Knowledges Matters – E.D. Hirsch Jr 
  • Explicit Direct Instruction – Hollingsworth, J. R. and Ybarra, S. E. 
  • Cognitive Load Theory in Action – Lovell, O., Sweller, J., Caviglioli, O. 
  • How we understand concepts better – Sweller, J. 
  • The Knowledge Gap – Wexler, N. 
  • Rosenshines Principles in Action – Sherrington, T. 
  • Make it Stick – Roediger III, H. L., McDaniel, M. A. and Brown, P. C. 


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