November 2021

On 28 October 2021, all Principals across the Archdiocese came together for the first virtual Catholic Leaders’ Day. Usually held in person, our Principals gathered online through MSTeams and engaged in meaningful professional learning, including three high quality key note presentations.

Principals used MSTeams to participate in CLD

Director Ross Fox discussing the Catalyst focus areas for 2022

Principals were privileged to hear from world renowned presenters E.D. Hirsch, Jr and Natalie Wexler, both speaking about the importance of knowledge in education. Both Hirsch and Wexler were thrilled to learn about the Catalyst program, and affirmed the journey CECG are on and challenged us to think deeply about how we approach knowledge building in the curriculum.

Principals also heard from Dr Jenny Donovan, CEO of Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) who grounded the knowledge we had heard from Hirsch and Wexler in the Australian context and described how CECG can monitor the impact of our improvement efforts.

CECG Director, Ross Fox, spoke about the Catalyst journey so far and the education vision for the system over the next year.

He acknowledged the tremendous efforts of Teachers and Leaders across the system during a challenging year and commended the progress the system has made towards realising the two bold goals –

  1. Every student is a competent reader
  2. High Impact Teaching Practice is visible in every classroom


Watch the Catholic Leaders’ Day Highlights

E.D. Hirsch Jr.

Natalie Wexler – The Knowledge Gap

Dr Jenny Donovan

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