S1|E4: Teacher Insights from Catalyst - Implementation of Catalyst and HITP featuring Peter Collins

In this episode of Teacher Insights from Catalyst, join us for a captivating conversation with Peter Collins, teacher and Curriculum Coordinator at St Thomas Aquinas, West Belconnen, Canberra. Peter shares his invaluable experiences and successes in implementing Catalyst and HITP in the classroom. Delve into the world of EDI lessons and Direct Instruction programs like Spelling Mastery, as Peter discusses their transformative impact on student learning outcomes. Discover how Peter enhances students’ mathematical understanding through engaging EDI Maths lessons and how he nurtures language skills with specific Vocabulary lessons. In addition, Peter discusses insights into adopting a Knowledge Rich Curriculum and its connection to reading. 

Mentioned article: The Coach in the Operating Room | The New Yorker 

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