S2|E4: High Impact Teaching Practice with Ingrid Sealey

In this episode I chat with Ingrid Sealy, Director and founder of TeachWell. Ingrid brings to light many aspects of High Impact Teaching Practice (HITP). Her wealth of knowledge and experience is extensive in this area. Ingrid is a HITP instructional coach working with some of our schools through the Catalyst program. We discuss the following:

  • How TeachWell is supporting CECG
  • How teachers can use videoing to improve instructional practice, and why it is so effective
  • The most effective instructional strategies for teaching
  • The type of reviews and how their importance
  • The number one thing that leaders can do to improve instructional practice in schools
  • How HITP practices allow students to take ownership (agency) in their learning

Ingrid references the following people, websites, organisations and readings:

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