S1|E3: Teacher Insights from Catalyst - HITP & The Writing Revolution featuring Erica Drewsen

In this episode Erica speaks about her role in the implementation of Catalyst. She talks about how she led the change process, The Writing Revolution, Macqlit as an intervention program and their use of engagement norms. Specifically, this includes:

  • How to use The Writing Revolution as a tool to teach writing within HUM (a combination of Humanities, English and Religious Education subjects)
    • Sentence level writing
    • Paragraphing SPO
    • Note taking
    • Topic sentence
    • Appositives
    • Guided notes
  • How she uses choral response and whisper reading as engagement norms and teaching strategies
  • How to use ‘hinge point’ questions and why they are important

Sample Resources

Term 2, Week 2 – Check for Understanding

Term 2 Week 4 Review of Learning

Year 7 Religious Education Booklet – sample 1

Year 7 Religious Education Booklet – sample 2

Year 7 Humanities History Booklet

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