HITP In Action: First wave underway

Apr 2021

Teachers and Leaders across the Archdiocese have now commenced the highly anticipated High Impact Teaching Practice (HITP) In Action program, with the program growing as more staff get involved in the months ahead.

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2,000 staff across the Archdiocese attend Catalyst System Day

Feb 2021

On 28 January 2021, we brought everyone across the Archdiocese together virtually to learn together and discuss how Catalyst will help us transform lives through learning.

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CECG featured in the Australian, focusing on literacy approach

Dec 2020

CECG schools will implement evidence-backed phonics teaching from next year as part of a system-wide push to improve students’ literacy outcomes.

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CECG schools fast track remote learning: Microsoft Blog

Nov 2020

CECG are mindful of the need to ensure consistent and equitable digital access for students.

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What you're saying

  • This way of teaching has made our lessons more engaging. We are reminded of past content through daily reviews so I am able to remember and recall information a lot better. By going back to past content and reminding us of these concepts we don’t forget it and I am able to better recall that information.
    Year 9 Student
  • The class is very engaging and I feel comfortable contributing to class discussions because of the environment of the classroom and the teaching style of my teacher.
    Year 12 Student
  • I love teaching in this way allows children to be their best self, which makes you feel good as a teacher and you just want to keep building them up which is then building you up. I learn so much from watching others, to then have others come into my class to observe my lessons and watch me, I am so open share and collaborate and build each other up, that is the best thing about this Catalyst journey
    Monique George Year 3/4 Teacher
    St Thomas the Apostle Kambah
  • The staff at St Mary’s are excited to be taking part in professional learning that aligns with our prior experience and knowledge. The professional learning has been engaging, practical and relevant.
    Sarah LowePrincipal
    St Mary’s Primary School - Crookwell
  • I’ve seen a significant growth in student knowledge and deep understanding of the literacy concepts within my Stage 1 classroom. Student engagement is high due to the fast pace of delivery, visual scaffolds, and multisensory movement to embed concepts being taught.
    Jenny SmithCoordinator and Stage One Teacher
    St Bernard’s Primary School - Batemans Bay
  • Our journey at Sacred Heart has set us on a focused path to improving students’ outcomes for reading and writing. We were also seeking common language across the school around the science of reading - we are now well on our way!
    Janica MorellaLearning Support
    Sacred Heart, Pearce